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Wheel Clamp, Wheel Lock, Car Security


Is car safety bothering you? Lucosobie specially designed tire locks for car lovers to protect the safety of the car and prevent the car from being stolen. The lock body of the tire lock is made of steel, which is anti-cutting and anti-saw; the crescent copper core lock strengthens the anti-theft coefficient and reduces the mutual opening rate. Features:Fine workmanship and firm welding.Reliable quality to prevent thieves from opening easily.Easy to install and unlock, easy to use.The anti-theft factor has been upgraded, and the crescent copper core lock has made it more difficult for thieves to unlock, and has also reduced the mutual opening rate.Scope of application: The wheel lock has nine holes for easy adjustment according to the size of the wheel, suitable for most cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, caravans, etc.Each product is equipped with a tire lock and three keys.

🔐【Cut-Proof & Durable】 Frequent car theft incidents? Be afraid after parking? Don’t be frightened. Now comes Lucosobie. Made of high-strength steel plate, the wheel clamp is durable and cut-proof; the surface of the clamps has a PVC coating, which will not scratch your tire; the yellow part applies the spray paint to prevent the clamps from rusting.

🔐【Strong Protection】 The wheel lock adopts a B+ grade lock cylinder, which largely improves the anti-theft. The yellow and red locks are bright and eye-catching, which can curb the idea of car thieves from the beginning. SECURITY PLUS SECURITY.

🔐【Universal】 The wheel lock is a 9-hole design that can be stretched to a maximum of 29.5 cm to match more than 95% of vehicles, such as motorcycles, cars, SUVs, RVs, trucks, caravans, etc.

🔐【Easy to Use & Anti-Rust】 Extremely easy to operate: adjust the fixture to the correct position and lock the tire. The wheel clamp is equipped with 3 KEYS to prevent loss; the protective cap design prevents the lock core from getting rust rain

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