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2pcs Car Side Window Slidable Retractable Curtain Sun Shade



About this item

  • Wide Versatility: Sun shade curtains provide privacy protection, isolation, lower temperature, energy saving, great for long vehicle rides with kids or pets.; Also can provide better privacy inside the vehicle
  • Driving Safety: Our car side window curtains can stretching, can see the rear view mirror, not hinder window lifting and lowering
  • Skillfully Manufacture: Skillfully manufacture and beautiful design, enhance the VIP style for your car, elegant and fashionable
  • Easy to Install: adjustable design will allow you install them in a matter of seconds, easy to install, suitable for most of cars & SUV with Length 50-60 cm
  • High Quality: High quality cloth, effectively keep car interior temperature, heat insulation and avoid overheat from the sun exposure with long time

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This car window curtain is made of high-quality anti- cloth, heat insulation and sun protection, which can effectively keep the interior of the car. In addition, it can protect your privacy in the vehicle. Enhance the VIP style for your car, which is elegant and fashionable. Easy to install and universal for most cars. Such a great curtain! What are you hesitating for?







Adjustable Sun Shade Drape Visor Valance Curtain suitable for most of cars SUV with Length of 50 – 60 cm . According to your choices  










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Wide Application:

Our side window blackout sun shades can be used for driving, parking, reading, camping, breastfeeding, take a nap, baby sleeping, changing clothes. It can block the eyes of others towards you and enjoy your own time











The product is made of high quality materials, durable and machine washable,the car window curtains for privacy obscure the entire window area, offering more comprehensive UV and heat protection.Storage convenience and does not occupy space.Applicable to all car models.sun protection.



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Installation and Notes:
1. Please clean the place where you are going to install the rails. No oily! No dirt!
2. Install the rails by the double side tapes.
Note: Recommend you use drier and warm the double side tapes, the stick of the tape will be stronger! Also you can fixed with cord.
3. Keep the curtain rails for some hours and install the curtains.
Note: If curtain size is wrong, please replace the rails. Recommend you clear the adhesive with scavenger, and install new rails.
4. After all installed well, please remember plug the bolts.
5. Please pay attention to the position before installation!
6. The front curtain should not cover the rear-view mirror to avoid accidents.
7. Recommend you open the window when installing.
8. Please roll the window down when installing.








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Package Included:
2 x Car Curtains
4 x Plastic Rails
6 x Rail Bolts
2 x Hook and Loops
2 x Bandage Hasps





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