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USB flash drive Bluetooth dongle for car


USB Bluetooth Dongle Flash Drive for Car/TV/Stereo Flash Drive Bluetooth Signal Receiver - Bluetooth Car Music Receiver Kits Wirelessly with USB Port to Play Mobile Phones in the Car.
• Bluetooth adapters for computers, also known as Bluetooth dongles or Bluetooth adapters  
• Essential devices to enable Bluetooth connectivity on your computer. This small and portable device allows computers and laptops to connect wirelessly to other Bluetooth-enabled devices such as speakers, headphones, keyboard and mouse
• Reliable USB Bluetooth Adapter - This Bluetooth adapter for PC and Laptop - Experience instant connection anywhere! The Evio mini USB Bluetooth Adapter provides computer users with a powerful wireless data connection with a long range of up to 65 feet! This stylish, travel-friendly Bluetooth 5.1 dongle works seamlessly with Bluetooth-enabled devices including headphones, mouse, keyboard, speaker, and printers. 
• PLUG AND PLAY IN ONE MINUTE - Simply plug into your USB port and enjoy automatic setup in less than a minute with plug-and-play installation for most devices! Made to work flawlessly with Windows 10, this easy-to-use USB Bluetooth Adapter for PC is the perfect easy-to-use solution! If you have any problems, our customer support will be happy to help you, please feel free to contact us! 
• Power your devices – Are you looking for the perfect solution for all your Bluetooth connectivity needs? Look no further than our Bluetooth adapter! Improve your connection with our Bluetooth adapter - the perfect solution for a faster, more reliable wireless connection." Bluetooth Low Energy technology for energy-efficient wireless connectivity .

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