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Universal Car Decoration Antenna Cover


-Step 1: Wipe the roof clean and unscrew the original antenna
-Step 2: Screw on the antenna and connect it to the shark storage cable
-Step 3: Connect the antenna successfully
-Step 4: Install the original car line position, compact, installation is complete

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Many car owners want to make their car more beautiful,do away with the long and outdated car antennae on your car, this aesthetically streamlined shark fin antennae is the best choice to give your car a natural and stylish exterior!
What does a shark fin antenna bring to the table when you combine “style” and “functionality”?
✔Beautiful lines and a unique s

hape, giving your car a new and stylish look

✔The shark fins discharge of static electricity effect, making the car safer.

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✔Built in compatible with FM/AM and other powerful car electronic functions, is a stable signal transmission amplifier
✔Choose fro

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Material: ABS + piano lacquer + signal plate

Shape: Shark finm our wide range of popular colours, clean white, classic black, dazzling grey, passionate red, noble blue, elegant gold and stylish carbon fibre black. These classic colours will never go out of fashion, choose the car exterior that matches your

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