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Soft Silicone Car Auto Steering Wheel Cover – Black


About this item:


  • High quality food level and eco friendly silicone, odorless and no toxic
  • Leather texture pattern design
  • No distortion, No fade and No problem under extreme temperatures
  • Protect your original steering wheel for long time
  • High Friction coefficient and skidproof
  • Looks Livelier than your original steering
  • Can be stretched to put on most steering wheel
  • Easy & fast fitting, change the look of your steering wheel in 5 seconds
  • Can be washed anytime
  • Durable, long service life up to 10 more years

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Silicone Steering Wheel Cover – Your Car Steering Wheel’s Best Friend!

This attractive steering wheel cover improves the appearance of an old or dirty steering wheel and protects your hands from hot and cold weather extremes.

Whether your steering wheel is starting to show unsightly signs of wear and tear or you just want to keep your steering wheel in good condition, a steering wheel cover is the perfect accessory to get the job done.

Show your love for your car with this stylish and comfortable steering wheel cover.


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Easy to Install: The silicone steering wheel cover for cars is easy to install and does not require any tools except for a strong hand. Simply slide the purple leather steering wheel cover into the silicone cover from the top and pull it down to install it on the original car steering wheel.


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Silicone Material: The steering wheel cover is made of high-quality silicone, which has the characteristics of ultra-thick and ultra-flexible, leather texture surface, odorless, anti-skid, wear-resistant, and very durable.


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Multicolor selection:Steering wheel silicone cover available in various colors,the product pictures was taken in kind, without any color adjustment in the later stage. Just to show you the truest color and texture of silicone elastic steering wheel protective cover.


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Safety Features: Due to the adsorption properties of silicone itself, the smooth inner surface will not cause displacement and sliding between the steering wheel cover and the steering wheel, resulting in outstanding safety performance.


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Widely Applicable: Anti slip car steering wheel protective cover is applicable to most standard size steering wheels of cars, medium trucks, compact SUVs and minivans; Suitable for steering wheels with diameters ranging from 12.5 inches to 14 inches.



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