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Nanum electronic diffuser that purifies the air and perfumes the car


Nanum electronic oasis that purifies the air and perfumes the car. It works on the car lighter and is controlled by touch. It has two speeds to control the amount of freshener and is very economical as it can be filled with water and any water freshener.
High quality, easy to use and modern shape
Different colors to suit all tastes
A car humidifier, freshener, and air purifier that contains an ion generator that features 51aESTbp1ML. AC
    With a compact design that works on the car's lighter port, it helps eliminate unpleasant odors
    It eliminates the effects of smoking and makes the air inside the car clean and fresh
    Very practical
    Excellent materials
    Humidifier, perfume and air purifier inside the car
    Excellent design
    Works on car lighter
    Eliminates unpleasant odors
    Eliminates the effects of smoking
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