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Multi-functional 5 In 1 Car Cup Holder


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  • 5 in 1 Multifunctional Car Cup Holder
  • Make things easy to find, easy to reach and place
  • Easy and fast Installation
  • Stop the items drop under the seat
  • Seat-mounted, increase interior storage space
  • As drink cups whose diameter is not more than 65mm
  • Place items such as mobile phones burger fries and snacks
  • 360° rotation for top 3 layers
  • Sturdy and durable to hold enough small things
  • Material ABS + Rubber
  • Suitable for most of the car.

In stock

In stock

vingtank multifunction car cup holder storage box drink cup holder auto glasses car organizer for coin keys phone stand 1


Do you feel there is less space in your car to accommodate all your necessary belongings? If that is the case, go for the Automotive 5-in-1 Multipurpose Cup Holder & Instant Car Storage Organizer that lets you store everything in one spot in an organized manner! This multipurpose holder holds drinks, sunglasses, coins, phones, and other accessories all together. You can keep everything easily within your reach as the holder will sit perfectly between your seat and console.




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This cup holder & car storage organizer also has a silicone pad that prevents your mobile device from slipping. Even more, it also features a hole through which you can connect your charger to your device! Charge your phone even when it is safely placed in the holder! The cup holder can also efficiently hold the large coffee cups and drinks, so you can easily enjoy a few sips while on the road. Additionally, it’s not necessary to only use this cup holder for your car, it’s multipurpose design allows you to also use it at home or keep it on your desk to organize your belongings.


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Extendable Car Cup Holder: 360 degrees rotation into 4, expand the other two cup holders and the top of the phone support frame, can be stored keys, glasses, change, etc. can also be used as a cell phone holder. Note: the cup holder is only applicable to some round cup slot models, such as Audi, Toyota, etc.

vingtank multifunction car cup holder storage box drink cup holder auto glasses car organizer for coin keys phone stand 3

Fine Workmanship: ABS material surface feels comfortable, the bottom of the cup holder has a silicone gasket to prevent water leakage from the cup to prevent high temperature scalding, silicone bumpy cup sleeve can be non-slip, comfortable hand grip.



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I Think You Will Love This Cup Holder: 1 cup holder can bring you 3 cup holder + 1 mobile phone holder + small storage. If you buy two, the copilot can also be stored, is it more space and more convenient.



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If You Are Still Hesitant to Buy: Cup rack material/function/appearance is a good cost-effective choice, after sale this piece need not worry, any quality problems we guarantee a refund, if you do not apply to this cup rack, we can return.

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