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Memory Foam Lumbar Support Pillow for Computer/Desk Chair, Car Seat, Gaming Chair


Memory Foam Lumbar Support Pillow

Ergonomic Designed for Back Pain Relief and Correct Posture

Why do you need a lumbar support pillow?

If you suffer from poor posture with an accentuated curve and chronic back pain, Assafco lumbar cushion is definitely recommended, especially if your routine involves extensive periods of sitting. Assafco Back Cushion helps provide support to maintain the muscles and help maintain proper posture, a lumbar cushion lowers the stress build-up.

Product Introduction
  1. Size: 40 * 35 * 13 cm;
  2. Material: 100% Memory Foam;
  3. Color: Black, Beige, Dark Red, Light Gray
  4. Package Included: 1 Back cushion

Do you have lumbar pain after working long hours?

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Do you have lumbar pain during long flights, cars etc?

According to relevant statistics, about 70%-80% of the people, in their lifetime have had back pain experience. Experts believe that sitting for a long time, make whole body weight presses completely in lumbosacral ministry, pressure is distributed unevenly, can cause waist, abdomen, back muscle drooping or ache. In addition, fixed posture or posture can also cause back pain.

So in order to prevent back pain, sitting during the day, you need Assafco lumbar support pillow!


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Updated 3D Mesh Cover- Breathable & Hypoallergenic:

We selected an updated 3D mesh fabric for removable and machine-washable mesh cover. It ensures excellent air circulation, keeping your back cool and dry long time. The ergonomic back pillow fabric can reduce sweat and is suitable for all seasons. Ideal for drivers, office ladies, office gentlemen, teachers, students, wheelchair users and the elderly, and others who can benefit from a breathable lumbar support pillow, also be perfect as a pillow for couch, recliner, travel plane seat, train seat and so on.




Perfect Size Supports the Entire Back:

Measures 40 x 35 cm(H x W). Assafco back support pillow for chair has increased height to support your upper back. The widen and thicken sides cover around your entire waist and lower back. The central bulge fits perfectly into the natural curve of your back, providing additional support for the spine.



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Ergonomic Design Back Support – Alleviates Back Pain:

Assafco lumbar support pillow is designed ergonomically to relieve upper, mid and lower back pain or tightness, provide comfortable support for a health sitting posture, reduce spine pressure. If you spend long-time sitting in office chair, gaming chair, desk or computer chair or driving in car or truck, this car seat back pillow will help you a lot. It is also recommended for surgery recovery and who suffers from Lumbosacral & Spondylosis, etc.



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Applicable to Multiple Scenar:

Multi-purpose lumbar pillow for chair is suitable for sedentary office workers, drivers, students, pregnant women, people after back surgery or in a wheelchair, which will help them achieve unprecedented comfort. It’s a perfect gift for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, and New Year’s.


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The high-grade memory foam from which this cushion is built molds to the exact shape of the lower back for customized comfort. It adds extra longevity to the cushion’s lumbar support, so over hours of continued use, the cushion is unlikely to falter in providing a comfortable driving experience, and constantly making tiny adjustments to its positioning won’t be necessary. The foam’s durability makes it ideal for users with lower back injury or chronic pain.


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It can relieve pressure, automatically shape according to the curve of the human body, and has full support force when fitted, achieving a comfortable stress-free state.


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Warm Tips

Inner memory foam which can not washable extends the durability of foam core.

Since it’s temperature sense memory foam cushion, it’s normal that cushions become harder in low temperature, cushion’s softness will be adjusted by user or environment temperature.

If you have any other questions, please contact u s and we will be happy to assist you. Just find your order of us and click contact the seller. We promise you 100% satisfied reply!


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