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Foldable Car Windshield Sun Shade Umbrella


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About this item

  • Durable Thermal Insulation Material: Made of is made of Titanium silver cloth, this car sunshade umbrella is heat insulation, UV block and reliable to use for long service.
  • Firm Skeletons Structures: The Car sunshade use 10 Strong skeletons and the stable support ensure the durability of this car sunshade umbrella.
  • Protect Yourself and Car: Block the sun which is your vehicles worst enemy, sun UV and heat are the cause of automotive interior damage. Cracked, faded vinyl, leather steering wheels, dashboards and seats are the result of sun and heat exposure.
  • Convenient to Use: The large windshield sunshade for the car is easy to use and non-destructive installation, complete the installation within a few seconds. No tools required to complete the installation.
  • Universal Size: With universal size of 57″*31″,windshield sun shade cover fits the windshield of most trucks, cars and SUV.

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Our 2024 Upgraded Car Windshield Sunshade Umbrella is Your ideal choice !

Pulling ring handle is scratch resistant and easy to use.
The new structural design has a more compact size, takes up less space and makes it much easier to open and fold, perfect for use in your car.
Upgraded UPF 50+ composite titanium silver glue material features stronger heat insulation ability and a higher refractive index of UV Rays and sunlight, keeping your car cool and preventing car interior aging. No more hot seats and hot steering wheel.
The 10-rib skeleton is made of advanced aviation aluminum, rust-proof, heat resistant, lightweight, more robust.
Protable store bag: prevent umbrella surface from piercing and scratching the car interiors.
Subvert traditional sunshade, our car windshield sunshades for front window is designed with an opening, it has a cut out for the rear view mirror, which can be perfectly fitted with the rear view mirror.




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Easy to Use :

Just open it like a normal umbrella and put it on the front windshield and fold the car’s sunvisor to fix it. The car umbrella is foldable like a normal umbrella, and it’s quite small and easy to store after being folded.





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Universal Size:

With universal size of 140*70 cm , Our automotive windshield sun shade cover fits the windshield of most passenger cars, sedan and SUVs,etc.










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UV Ray Block & Heat Insulation:

Auto windshield cover uses the newest technologies of the material ice crystal nano fabrics features UPF 50+ reflective composite materials . Multiple refrigeration can effectively block four heat sources: ultraviolet rays, infrared rays, solar spectrums, heat radiation so that the interior of the car is kept cool. Windshield cover sun shade keep the seats and dashboard from cracking due to sun exposure.




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Superior Materials:

The Upgrade 10-rib skeleton is made of advanced aviation aluminum, rust-proof, heat resistant, lightweight, more robust and durable.ensures that our window sun blocker delivers exceptional longevity, even after thousands of folds!









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Easy to Store

Our windshield cover is easy to store, it also comes with a storage bag and can be placed in the door or in the center armrest box. The car sunshade has a small size and is very convenient for storage. When you have finished using it, you can put it anywhere, it will not take up your space.








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Revolutionary Opening Design

Black (back), Silver white (front).The sun shade for car is made of high-quality composite Titanium Silver Cloth, which is great at thermal insulation and high refractive index, effectively reducing the temperature of the car and preventing damage and aging car interiors,Blocking heat and light,keeping your car much cooler, and protecting seat from peeling and aging.








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Suitable for Most Vehicles in All Seasons:

Measured in 140*70 cm,  Our automotive windshield sun shades can provide sun protection for most cars, such as SUVs, midside car, and MPV. It can be used in all seasons with its great weather resistance, like anti-/snow/fog/UV/heat. So you can use it on both sunny and rainy days.










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