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Car Windshield Sun Shade with Storage Pouch


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Protects Your Car Interiors: We know that the sun heat can be exhausting to you as well as to your car. Car Sun Shade for Windshield is effective against harmful UV rays from damaging your car’s interior accessories. It is super durable and convenient to use.

In stock

In stock

Do you want that feeling to stop every time you enter your car? Windshield Sunshade is your ideal choice. Here?s why!

Windshield Sunshield offers plenty of benefits to your car and your personal health.
It can help you reduce the cabin temperature on a great scale.
You don?t have to worry about the extreme internal temperatures anymore.
It can effectively block deadly ultraviolet sun rays from attacking your car interior, thus eliminating car dash cracks, worn-out steering wheels, flaming hot car seats, and maintains a cool and ideal car internal temperature!

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