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Car Windshield Sun Shade Cover with 3 Layers Protection


About this item

  • KEEP YOURSELF COOL: Our windshield sun shade protects you from the sun’s heat and harmful UV radiation rays. Keeping you cooler and happier when you step back into your car.
  • PROTECT YOUR CAR: High quality and durable sun blocker screen protector to maintain your car interior temperature. No more burning steering wheels, scorching dashboards, or hot interiors and leather seats burning.
  • Quick Installation: Finished in 15 seconds, no tools required. Requires use of both front doors and windscreen wipers.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: It is not only a windshield cover – It can be used as camping table mat, tent sleeping pad, pets sitting car mat in your car and crawling mat at the outdoors.
  • ِAvailable in 3 size,perfectly covers the entire front window,suitable for standard small and medium and SUV sized cars.

With our windshield snow cover, these troubles will disappear.

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Assafco Car Windshield Cover – The best and designed perfectly for cars Seasons’ Protection.

Are you impatient with frost and dust in spring, high temperature in the car from sun UV rays in summer, leaves in autumn, snow and ice in winter?
With our easily install car windshield cover, you do not need to waste time to clean the frost, dust and leaves in spring and autumn; to wait the car cooling in hot summer; and the most important, you do not need to waste time to clean the thick snow and firm ice in cold winter. This perfect front windscreen cover help you solve all the troubling in for season.


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Anti Leaves windshield covers

Our windshield frost protector cover can keep leaves, bird poops, dust and other fallen objects off the windshield and stop them from entering or getting stuck in the gaps between windshield and hood.









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Easy to Install & Store:

It is easy and quick to install or remove the product, without other tools. You just need to pinch the wings in the car door, and hang the elastic bands to the side rear mirrors. Additionally, the product is strong yet lightweight. You can easily fold and store it in your storage bag in the trunk or car rear seat.








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Suitable for All Weather:

In winter, the cover help to protect your windscreen from ice, frost and snow. In summer, blocking out most UV rays , help to turn down the temperature and keep the temperature cool. In other seasons, it help protect your windshield from dust, rain, bird dropping, pollen and fallen leaves etc.





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Good Material:

The large windshield cover is made out of soft composite cotton and durable aluminium film. Therefore, it is resistant to wear and tear, not easy to slip and fall off. What is more, this material is enough thickened and sturdy with three layers to keep your car windshield from damage outdoor in all seasons.







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