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Valet Wedge Multi-function Car Seat Cup Cell Phone Drinks Holder


For drivers who never seem to have enough space in their rides, the Car Valet allows you to cleverly store your drinks, tech gadgets and other essential accessories all within arms’ reach of the drivers seat.

Main functions and additional functions: The design of the car seat gap organizer makes reasonable use of the edge of the seat gap, which is simple and beautiful.

The car seat cup holder fits most cars, provides more storage space, and is perfect for organizing cups, phones, pens, and more for different needs.

HIGH QUALITY: The car seat clearance cup holder is made of high quality plastic, which is durable and has a long service life. Washable and easy to clean.

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1.Fit most beverage sizes and have center storage for cell phones, meet the different needs.

2. The design of the cup holder makes reasonable use of the edge of the seat hole, which is simple and beautiful.

3. Keep the car clean and tidy.



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1. Keep your car tidy and easy to find what you need.
2. The car cup holder can store your mobile phone, cards, keys, water cups, pens and other items.







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Please check if the car drink holder size is suitable for your car! !

1. Not suitable for cars where the center console is lower than the seat or the center console is much higher than the seat

2. Not suitable for the distance between the seat and the center console is too wide or too narrow








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Easy To Install
Simply slide the organizer between your seat and console for quick and simple installation









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