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Car Automatic Retractable Roller Sunshade Protection Windshield


Product Details:

  • Name: blackout roller blinds
  • Material: PVC
  • Dimensions: 140 W x  45 H
  • Opening and closing method: up and down
  • Fabric characteristics: shading/heat insulation/sun protection
  • Applicable type: truck/passenger car/s/household window
  • Installation method: Bilt-in, directly installed on the glass surface (no need to punch holes)
  • Easy to operate: retractable, good resilience

In stock

In stock

71yFGzT drL. AC SL1500


This cordless car windshield sunshade is fit for most cars and trucks. It can help your car block the scorching sunlight and harmful UV rays, prevent the sun heat from getting in your car and make your car keep cool, and protect your car interior from getting aging under the damaging sun shine.



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The sunshade is made of high-quality PVC material, which can better block sunlight and prevent strong light from entering the room. High-definition sun protection can not only prevent sunlight, t also clearly see the outside. It can be installed in any place that needs to be blocked from the sun.










71QClU1gz6S. AC SL1002




This car sunshade has a good sunshade effect, using this sun visor can effectively avoid the sun and ultraviolet rays, can reduce the temperature inside the car, and ensure the safety of your car when traveling cool.












815OQscOdTL. AC SL1500


Easy Installation& Easy To Use:

Car window sunshade is light and so easy to install that even your 5 year old can do it, self-retracting design, just 3 suction pads to making car sunshade protector strongly attach to the window.

Installation Instruction:

1. Put the 2 suction cups with the car sunshade brackets.

2. Install the 2 suction cups on a suitable place.

3. Install the other 1 suction cup on the other side.

3. Pull up the sunshade visor to the other side and fix the hanger on the suction cup when use.



* Kindly know that suction cups shall be applied on smooth places, so wipe your window!








714Nfk8W5lL. AC SL1500




Suitable for Most Vehicles: Ideal for windshields of all models, such as compact cars, sedans, SUVs, MPVs, to extend the life of vehicle dashboard surfaces, radios, LCD screens, GPS devices and other electronic devices.

This curtain can be used on glass or smooth surface, such as car window, bedroom, office, kitchen, kids room, living room, hotel bathroom, etc. It protects from sunlight and reduces heat.










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Package Includes:

1 X Car Window Sunshade

3 X Suction Cups










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