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Car Front Windscreen Sunshade,Foldable Aluminium Foil,(Silver)


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About this item

  • KEEP VEHICLE COOL – Reflective material deflects sunlight and heat- reduce automobile internal humidity, insulation performance is good, effectively reduce the temperature inside the car, the fuel consumption saving air conditioning, helps keep car interior cool during hot & sunny weather
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL – Reflective aluminum foil combine with double layer bubble material make the cooling effect is more significant , Frost and snow prevention Dust-proof
  • UV PROTECTOR – Perfect for interior protection while blocking the harmful UV rays from damaging your upholstery. Protect the car instrument desk, steering wheel and chairs, etc. Not aging metamorphism by sunlight
  • EASY TO SETUP AND CARRY – The foldable shades quickly and easily fold away into the pouch provided for convenient placement inside your vehicle
  • JUMBO SIZE – Perfectly fits most car windshields and it is Jumbo size (150 x 70 cm),Please check your windshield size if you have a mini size car

Premium Quality Accordion Metallic Reflective Car Sun Shade

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Say Goodbye to sweltering hot cars, burning hands and legs and sweaty drives with our Foldable Sun Shade. The sun shade is an affordable and Convenient solution in keeping the sun’s rays from penetrating your car and keeping your car’s interior cool even in the blistering summer weathers.


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What Do Sunshade Help ?

  • In summer time the interior of a parked car on sunny days can reach very high temperatures.
  • Over time, the UV rays may cause damage to your car’s electronics, dashboard leather and seats.
  • Our mission is to exceed your expectations by providing a huge selection of outstanding car accessories at affordable prices.
  • We’re always making a constant effort to improve our products with better materials, new designs, and more features to fit your needs and provide solutions for everyone.


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Healthy Material

Protects your vehicle from 99% of harmful UV Rays damage, keeps car in all solid protection, auto front sun shade maintains pristine Interior without fading or cracking.



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Before & After Use Our Windshield Sun Shade

For driver in summer, sun shade car as good helper to block sunlight, reduce the temperature inside of vehicle before driving.







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Easy to Store with Side Window Sun Shade

Sun shade for car windshield with suction cup attached,easy to install and no harm to the window of your car.Vehicle windshield sunshade is easy to fold in a compact design, side shades can pop out and fold down soon.






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Easy to Install and Remove: Unlike other windshield sunshades, our automotive window sunshades are easy to install. Place the sunshade and lower the overhead sun visor for an extra support. You can also fold the dashboard sun visor with ease!





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Product SIZE :

Perfectly fits most car windshields and it is Jumbo size (150 x 70 cm),Please check your windshield size if you have a mini size car






Durable bubble aluminum foil material blocks out the UV rays help in preventing the heat that directly penetrates inside your car’s interior and prolongs the life of your car interior. It is an essential car accessory when you need privacy inside your car.
Makes you feel more comfortable by keeping your car cooler on your daily ride or holiday trips.
Protect your Family, Friends, and Pets from getting burned inside the car. Create a more comfortable and cool environment inside the car for them.



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