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Car Coat Hanger With Headrest Restraint Rods


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Product Description

1. Premium material – Made of sturdy stainless steel that will last long.
2. Keep clothes clean – The metal car coat hanger will keep your clothes clean and wrinkle- while traveling.
3. Easy installation – It is easy to install. It attaches easily to the car seat’s headrest by clipping on to it and can be removed just as easily by clipping it off.
4. Saving space – The car coat hanger is versatile and space saving designed.
5. Ideal for daily and travel – It is the ideal choice for daily and travel use.


  • Product style: scalable fine-tuning
  • Usage location: behind the front seat of the car
  • Hangable type: suits, shirts, jackets, jackets, uniforms, sweaters, vests, etc.
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Quantity: 1Pc Adjustable Car Coat Hange

In stock

In stock

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Say goodbye to ruffled clothing when traveling on business. Simply attach the Headrest Car Hanger on the bars of the headrest of your car seat. Now you can Easily Hang your coat or suit jacket to look your best during meetings in the office or on the road. The clothes hanger Protects your clothes from wrinkle and mess during travel for important events such as job interviews, weddings, or parties.


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The clothes hanger is constructed out of Premium Quality metal that will match and car and only enhance the vehicle’s interior. It is Strong, Durable and Long Lasting. In addition, the hanger is non- marring therefore it won’t damage the car interior. The clothes hanger fits most head rests and you can uninstall the hanger without the frustration of taking the headrest completely off.

The clothes hanger is a Safe and Practical car necessity. Unlike other models and methods that can partially block your view and cause potentially dangerous situations.


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EASY TO INSTALL : The Chrome Car Seat Coat Rack Hanger attaches easily to the car seat’s headrest in just 10 seconds or less, and does not obstruct the driver’s view. No tools required. They slide between the bars of your seat’s headrest keeping the clothing neat and off the ground.


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ADJUSTABLE : The Chrome Car Seat Coat Rack Hanger arms are adjustable so the car coat hanger can adapt to various sizes of clothing and hold them in place through every bump in the road. It expands from 19″ Inches up to 24″ Inches wide. It can also be used to hold plastic grocery bags or pocket books.


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DURABLE : The Chrome Car Seat Coat Rack Hanger are made of sturdy metal and plastic construction that will last long.

VEHICLES WITH HEADREST BARS ONLY :The Chrome Car Seat Coat Rack Hanger is compatible with all vehicles with headrest bars only. The headrest must be removable.

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