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Car Ashtray with Lid, Laptop Ash Tray, Small Task


About thit item :

• This car ashtray is made of plastic and stainless steel, non-toxic and hygienic with strong seal. Suitable for small enclosed spaces.

• LED LIGHT DESIGN – The car ash holder comes with a blue LED light that can increase your night vision and make sure you can see the tray plate

• Multi-Functional – This mini car ashtray can be not only an ash holder for cigarettes but also a small trash can for paper scraps or nut shells. Great gift for families and friends.

• LID DESIGN – This small trash can has an easy-to-open and remove lid that is convenient to use and clean. Press the button on the edge of the lid to open the ashtray and rotate it to remove the ashtray.

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SAFER ABS MATERIAL : car ashtray for cup holder is made of high quality stainless steel and ABS material which has strong flame resistance, strong sealing and heat resistance, the non-toxic and lightweight material is more healthy and environmentally friendly. Size 4 x 2.8 x 1.9 inches fits most car cup holders.


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Multi-Function : This car ashtray with odor-resistant lid is not only an ashtray, but also as a mini trash can to collect small garbage such as paper scraps or fruit peels. It is perfect as a Christmas gift, Thanksgiving gift, Father’s Day gift, Mother’s Day gift, boyfriend gift.


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Practical LED Light Design : Mini car ashtray with blue LED light provides visibility at night, easy to find the ashtray, prevents ash from flying to keep the car clean and tidy, prevents smoke from messing up to keep the air fresh.


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Easy to Use with Lid : This car ashtray cover is easy to open and remove, convenient to clean and use. Simply press the button on the edge of the ashtray lid to open the ashtray and rotate it to loosen the top lid.


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BEST GIFT IDEA AND CONSIDERATE SERVICE : Fashionable stylish car ashtray with lid provides great decoration for your car, keeps your car organized


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