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Car 4.3 Inch Small Mini Digital Flip Down Foldable Monitor Screen


1 x 4.3″” TFT LCD Monitor
1 x Power Cable(1.5M/4.5FT)
1 x User Manual
1 x3M Sticker

1) Anti-glare High Resolution,480(RGB)X272, 5-inch TFT LCD screen with excellent color
2) 2 Way AV input, Yellow connector:AV1 input,White connector: AV2 input,Support AV2 reversing priority,automatically display rear view image when you reversing,more convenient than manual switch
3) Working perfectly with Car DVD, VCD, camera, STB, satellite receiver, and other video equipment
4) Wide Compatiblity,12V-24V Wide voltage, Work well with your existing OEM or aftermarket front side rear view camera with standard RCA input,used for 12V/24V vehicles like Car,SUV,Truck or Van
5) Display black screen when has no video signal input to prevent distracting driver when driving. Note:please confirm you get power and video signal to the monitor successfully if it don’t turn on

Product Description61GwbKf6ItL. AC SL1000
This Fold-able 4.3″ Car Rear View Monitor helps in preventing accidents while driving in reverse by avoiding children, traffic, pedestrians, toys and pets while backing out of the driveway or parking space. It fit all CCTV camera, car Reversing camera, car DVD player.
– 4.3 inch screen size,perfect fit for most of customers’ requirement.
– 2 AV input: AV1/AV2 auto switching,support AV2 reversing priority.
– Display black screen when has no video signal input.
– Signal system: PAL/NTSC auto switching.
– Wide12V-24V Wide voltage,support most of vehicles like car,SUV,truck or van.
– Effectively avoiding children, traffic, pedestrians,toys and pets when reversing.
– Fit all CCTV camera, car front/side/rear view camera, car DVD player.
1. Choose a suitable monitor location in your vehicle that will not block your view for safe driving.
2. Clean the mounting area you chosen with alcohol to remove the dirty or residue.
3. Peel off the protective film from the adhesive tap bracket and then stick the pad to the desired location. (NB: Once put in place, the mounting pad cannot be easily removed. Therefore, before mounting, please be sure of your desired location.)
61be8AYEFmL. AC SL1500

4. Connect the red power wire of your monitor to the positive terminal of 12V DC power and the black one to negative terminal.
5.Connect the white connector(AV2 support reversing priority) of monitor to the video cable of your camera.
1.For driving safety,this monitor only turn on when it get power and receive video signal,please confirm whether you provide them to your monitor when you test it.
2.The monitor only display the image it received from the camera,so you need to find a camera with distance scale line if you need distance scale line on the screen.

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