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Assafco Leather&Foam Armrest Cushion Protection Pad with Height Increase


If you drive your car for long hours every day, then this quality car armrest pad from Assafco will be the optimal choice for you. This car armrest pad is made of pure foam with about 5 centimeter thick so your arms and elbows will be most comfortably supported when you place your arms on this car console pad. The armrests will not obstruct the opening and closing of the center console lid, and the mat will add some support height to your car’s center console while driving.

Product Size: The size of the armrest covering cover is 31*22*5 cm (L*W*H)

If your arms are not resting directly on the hard center console, then you will not suffer pain, which is caused by pressure.

  • The surface leather feels very comfortable and looks very nice.
  • It prevents and relieves pain for your elbows and gives you the ultimate comfortable driving experience.
  • The armrest pad adds about 5 centimeters to the thickness of your car’s console.

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Say No to arm and elbow pain!

Most car center armrest consoles are too hard, too low or uncomfortable. You have to manage your sitting as per armrest position in car. For the same , at Assafco we have developed a console armrest cushion which can offer much needed comfort, while still permitting access to the storage area below. It has a brand new ergonomic design which provides an extreme comfort supporting to the arm. Enjoy premium memory foam with super-soft memory foam inner core comfort on the long trips or hauls and can release the pressure from the arm and daily driving Soft to support, protect your arm, easy driving.





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  • High Quality Material: This car center console armrest pad is made of high quality leather and memory foam, which will not crack easily, waterproof, dustproof, wear-resistant and non-slip, durable and long-lasting.









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Soft memory foam inner pillow

This item will be your good choice if you spent a lot time in car.

  • This car armrest cushion is made of pure memory foam so your elbow will get comfortable supports when you put your arms on this car console pad.
  • The inner memory foam will recover soon because of its high elasticity when your put arms upon it for long time.
  • The outer leather touch comfortable and looks very beautiful.
  • It will relax your elbow pain and bring you comfortable driving feelings.
  • The armrest cushion pad adds about 2.2 inches on your car console.







  •  Installation: No tools are needed to help, the armrest box pad includes an elastic band that allows the armrest pad to be very firmly fixed to the center console due to its super stretch and tensile strength. To clean, just wipe it with a damp towel.


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Open your armrest                                                                    Install                                                                                Finish



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Product Size: The size of the armrest box is 22×31 centimeter and 5 centimeter thick, suitable for most cars, trucks and SUVs; If you have any questions about our products, please contact us promptly and we will reply to you within 24 hours.

Note: This car armrest cushion is sized to fit most cars on the market, please measure your car console before placing your order.









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Easy to clean

With leather outer material, this car armrest pad is so much easy to clean.

  • You don’t need worry about water or coffee leaving stains on your car console. No matter sweat, soda or coffee something else. This car armrest cushion surface is waterproof so you can use wet wipes to clean this armrest pad up easily.
  • The premium outer leather can prevent scratches from your dog or cat so they will not damage your car console when they are in your car.






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Enjoy together

  • Not only driver can enjoy the softness of this car armrest pad but the person sitting on front seat.
  • Make sure this armrest size fit your car console. Don’t buy if size not for your car and save your time.









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Color Option:

Assafco offers a premium range of colors such as Havan, Black , Brown , Beige , Gray and etc. Nowadays, most of the luxury car brands use these colors and customers also want something classy and premium in their cars









The Center Console Cover is a great add-on to match your front and rear seat covers!

This cover serves as a barrier, protecting your factory console lid from sun exposure, scratches, rips, stains and even damage from the claws of your four-legged riding partner.


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