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Assafco Leather Car Armrest Cushion Foam Winne-style


  • Universal Fit: With Dimension: 29×17 cm.
  • it is a universal fit for any kind of car center console armrest pillow.
  • 100% brand new and high quality.
  • Premium allergy-free material, non-toxic, no smell, environmental.
  • With storage pouch which convenient for put phone, purse, card, etc.
  • Protect the original cover of the car armrest.
  • Decorate car appearances, make your car special and unique.
  • Convenience: Removable cover, easy to clean and durable, relieve the pressure.

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Most car center armrest consoles are too hard, too low or uncomfortable. You have to manage your sitting as per armrest position in car. For the same , at Assafco we have developed a 7D premium console armrest cushion which can offer much needed comfort, while still permitting access to the storage area below. It has a high and low dual-zone design, curved support for the arm to provide support in place for daily commute or long driving people, has a brand new ergonomic design which provides an extreme comfort supporting to the arm. Enjoy premium memory foam with super-soft memory foam inner core comfort on the long trips or hauls and can release the pressure from the arm and daily driving Soft to support, protect your arm, easy driving.




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Memory & Soft foam armrest cushion :

Armrest cushion provides a lot of comfort and luxury in your car but that is only possible if it is made with superior quality foam. Assafco armrest is curated with memory foam and soft foam that is of high quality. It provides overall comfort and is soft in touch. The product has PU leather cover which avoids arm fatigue. It regains its shape after its use.







Easy to install :

One of the major concerns while buying an armrest is its installation process. The process can get complicated sometimes when a customer gets confused with tools involved in the installing process. On the contrary, with this armrest product, you do not require any professional skills or tools to install it. It is super easy to install because it has adjustable straps. One needs to overlap those straps with the lid. Voila! The armrest is ready. It is that simple and brings no uninvited tension or extra expense in its install process.  Assafco eases the customer’s from the complicated installing involved in such cases.






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Professional design :

The product has a very professional design with a high and low dual look. The curved look provides support to the arm on a daily basis or through long drives. Also, the design is ergonomic which is beneficial in the long run. The comfort and look of the design are utmost and brings no harm. This is the best combination of looks along with great well-being.






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Material (PU Leather) :

The material used for the Assafco armrest is PU leather. The material is highly breathable and comfortable. High Grade premium quality PU leather with 10 mm padding stays useful for years and it makes your car elegant, soft and comfortable. High grade elastic stripes are used with good quality buckle and clips to hold the armrest properly.







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Full Elasticity & Not Easily Deformed :

Multi functional Arm Rest Cover with Cellphone Holder Storage Bag and side pocket for Elbows&Forearms Pressure Relief. All season Universal Seat Cushion Pillow,Unique design Multi functional Mobile Phone Bag & Refueling Card Pocket

No Worry for Finding Cards Anywhere with Mobile Phone Bag & Refueling Card Side Pocket Design.







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Color Option:

Assafco offers a premium range of colors such as Coffee, Black Red, Black Blue , Brown and etc. Nowadays, most of the luxury car brands use these colors and customers also want something classy and premium in their cars







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