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Assafco Car Leather Tissue Holder winne embroidery


Product Information: 22*12*12 cm, specially designed for 550 tissue bag. Good for PU leather outside,Mesh leather design, exquisite workmanship.

Easy to install: simple operation, quick installation. Also presented with extendable buckle elastic straps. Use push-type buckle installation, can be used in various positions perfectly.

Save Space: Car tissue box holder, much easier and safer than putting your tissue box case on the car seat, save a lot space for your car, odorless tasteless, easy to clean. The car tissue paper holder You’ll love it!

Interior position: The napkin holder for automotive with hanging elastic band, you can fix it on the sun visor of the vehicle. It can also be hung on the back of car headrest, or place it on armrest console and the dashboard.

KEEP THE CAR ORGANIZED: get all your loose tissues organized to help you keep a good driving mood. Car seat back hanging tissue box holder with quality look, it will enhance the grade of car interiors.

Manufactured by ASSAFCO

Let you have a warm and cosy space inside th car 20240515 220739 0000

Car Extra Large Tissue Holder fit for 550 Tissues per Box on Daily Use !

We tend to keep a box of tissues in the car, but that often results in the box being squished / crushed by dirty sneakers, etc. No one wants to use a dirty shredded tissue.



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ASSAFCO  Car Tissue Holder can help you organize your regular size tissues in the car. This 550 Tissues Box Cover has a pretty pattern on the surface. The zipper is concealed by a flange. Simple and compact design is perfect for 550 tissue boxes, so you don’t need to pull the tissues out of the box on daily use.

ASSAFCO Car Standard Tissue Boxes Holder is made of high-quality PU leather, which is soft and comfortable to the touch, waterproof and easy to clean. We have Black, Beige, Brown and other many colors to match your car.










How to Use

Open the car tissue holder and put a 550 tissues Box in it (Note the hole position corresponding to the paper towel outlet). Then close the zipper of car tissue holder, you can roll up the edges if you feel difficulty closing.

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In the rear seat                     In the armrest box                         In the sun visor


Furthermore, the holder’s sleek and compact design allows it to seamlessly blend into the interior of your car. It does not take up much space and can be easily attached to the visor, dashboard, or any other convenient location. This ensures that the tissues are always within arm’s reach, without obstructing your view or causing any inconvenience.






Untitled 1

spring buckle design

Creative spring buckle design, let your car tissue box say goodbye to the cumbersome way of opening! It can be opened with a gentle press, and it is more convenient to extract paper towels. Moreover, it is flexible enough to adapt to different sizes of tissue boxes. Make your car interior more tidy and driving more comfortable.









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Upgraded zipper

Upgraded zippered car tissue box, making your driving more convenient! No longer worry about the lid of the tissue box opening or tissue scattering, the innovative zipper design ensures that the tissue box remains closed at all times













size red ويني

car tissue holder size

The size of the car tissue box holder is accurately controlled, easy to accommodate without pressure! 20*12*12 cm golden ratio, perfectly adapted to the space needs of most vehicles. The surface is made of high quality material, wear-resistant, easy to clean, wipe clean. Built-in elasticated clips, firmly fixed paper towels, not easy to fall apart. Make your driving journey more comfortable and tidy!













details blue ويني



Additionally, the car tissue holder is designed to fit securely in your vehicle, preventing any unnecessary movement or spills while driving. The holder is made from durable materials, ensuring that it can withstand the rigors of daily use without breaking or becoming damaged.

The convenience of having tissues readily accessible in your car cannot be understated. Whether you need to wipe away a spill, clean your hands, or blow your nose, having tissues within reach can make all the difference. With this car tissue holder, you can easily grab a tissue whenever you need one, without having to fumble around or search for a box.












تجميعه ويني



Overall, this car tissue holder offers both convenience and practicality. It eliminates the need to purchase specialized tissues and ensures that you always have tissues readily available in your vehicle. Its excellent compatibility and secure fit make it a reliable choice for any car owner.



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