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Assafco 2 pcs car head neck rest support pillow leather for KIA


Leather Neck Pillow for Car Headrest/Seat is mainly created to provide you the support you lack and keeps your head in a better posture. Filled with soft Polypropylene cotton, this comfortable travel neck pillow will alleviate tension muscles and reduce your headaches and stress during drive.

In stock

In stock

1. Universal fit for all vehicles
2. High elastic rope, easy to fix the seat, more use strength
3. Use advanced technology; lines uniform and parallel are very perfect
4. Care for your neck, relax your muscles, make your driving life more comfortable, safer, more healthy
5. Neck pillow can effectively prevent the floating car and neck caused by a long bend, fatigue, pain
6. Its main function is to protect the neck. In the event of a crash
7. Effectively protect the neck from damage to reduce the head shaking

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