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Flexible Car Led Headlight Surface Strip Dual Color 2 pcs


.Yellow flowing turn signal light.
• Just install the light strip in headlight gap, perfect fit with original car.
• Flexible Material can bend into any shape and fit anywhere easily.
• Super thin body just 4mm thickness, very light and beautiful.
• Saving space and energy saving. DRL + turn signal light (Two in one)
• High Power led, make the driving safe and look super cool.

➤EASY INSTALL:It can be installed without open the car headlight assembly. Lumen:1300,Pure high brightness,highlight seamless,import lights core,quality assurance, heat dissipation quickly,lasting lighting, As running light, it will be white when the car is running; as turn signal light, it will be sequential flowing yellow(amber) sequential when the car is turning.
➤ACCENT DRL AND TURN SIGNAL: A striking white liner look with turn signal actiavated amber lights. Flexibility is very good,soft and easy to make any shapes and length to fit into your headlight retrofit;Very strong plasticity,silicone is a kind of highly active adsorption material,the strip light no matter how twisted recovery is very good,non-flammable fire retardant burn.
➤BENDS TO YOUR WILL: Can be bent, twisted, and contoured to fit most headlights. The LED Strip Tube Lights can paste outside of the headlights directly without disassembling the headlight,super easy to install,just require right connect to the positive (+) and negative (-) side, It can be cut to any size and re-capped,after cutting, the tail must be insulated, otherwise it will be short-circuited.515HLqfBX0L. AC
➤24 Inches in Length,and the light strip can be cut as you need. The led tube light can be used for car headlight, daytime running light, turn signal light, angel eye light, and so on. Brighter and clearer than the original halogen lamps of your car. Compatible for most of vehicles like cars SUV vans trucks boats with DC 12V power.

No need to open the car headlight assembly
There are 3 cables, YELLOW RED and BLACK
The Black connect to ground line
The Yellow connect to turning cable – the led strip shows flowing amber(yellow) light
The Red connect to running cable – the led strip shows white light

With sticker,can be cut
Tips for your cutting DIY installation:
1. Power off during your customizing installation
2. Make 3-Leds as a team and cut every 3-LEDs
3. Make sure no debris gets in
4. Sealing the tube with insulated glue after cutting in short,light tubes cannot be folded

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