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2X Car wiber blades


Simple installation, remove quickly – Easy to clean, give a clear view back for you again

Material: ABS plastic and rubber

Wiper blades are direct OEM replacements, quality and fit are guaranteed;

All seasons wiper blades eliminate the need for snow or summer brushes

With a special coating, the silicone wiper can slide smoothly over the windshield without any effort, especially when driving in the rain to give you a very clear view.

Deflector design based on aerodynamic principles. The vibration of the vehicle wiper caused by wind power is eliminated.

The best curved shape of the wiper blade provides uniform pressure distribution to the wiper for better contact with the windshield, so that the wiper leaves no space when it is working.

Be careful not to hit the wiper arm from its locked position, or it could hit the glass. Make sure the wiper blade fits securely, otherwise it could come off during use.

There is another hard, unruly dirt on the glass. It should be washed by hand. These things can easily scratch the wiper and the wiper motor will also be affected.

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