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Universal Car Side Window Baby Sun Shade (2 Pack) Fits All (99%)


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  • ESPECIALLY GREAT FOR KIDS! Smaller children ride in the back seat, and are the passengers most likely to be bothered by high temperatures and bright sunlight. Protect your loved ones in their car seats and booster seats by applying these sunshades to the rear side doors of the car. This provides UV protection, cuts sun glare, reduces heat, and prevents your children from getting burned or overheated
  • INCREDIBLY EASY TO INSTALL! The flexible, stretchy mesh just pulls down over the open car door. Fits almost every car to a maximum of 44.3 inches by 20 inches.
  • YOU CAN STILL ROLL DOWN THE WINDOWS! The mesh is breathable, and because it’s on the exterior of the door frame, you can still roll down the windows and enjoy a nice breeze from outside while staying protected from the sun. Stick on tinting can’t do that!
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!! Each sunshade is well made, durable, and easy to use. Buy a set today before it gets any hotter out there!

In stock

In stock

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Cover the entire window, car window still can rolls down. Protecting baby from sun protection, sun shade for car window or car window shade for baby is a product that is designed to protect babies and infants from the harmful rays of the sun while traveling in a car. These shades can block out the sun’s harmful UV rays and prevent them from entering the car. This can help to keep the car interior temperature cool, comfortable, and safe for babies and infants.



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The flexible, stretchy mesh just slip over the open cars door to install in a matter of seconds and then covered both inside and outside car door. This window visor is also convenient for you to fold into a glove box when not in use.





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Protection from UV Rays:

The sun shade blocks out harmful UV rays that protect your family and baby from high temperature sunburn skin and eye irritation




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Universal Fit:

Rear window color:Black. The shades are designed to fit most car windows, such as most Vehicles, Sedans, SUVs, MPVs, Hatchbacks, and Vans with cured/ rectangular windows.





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With the updated size and better elasticity material, this window sun shade fit most of cars and SUV, provide the best protection for the passenger on back seat.






Give Them Privacy!

  • The same properties that block-out sun rays also give back-seat passengers some anonymity.
  • New mothers can discreetly breastfeed and pets and babies can nap without being disturbed by curious onlookers. They will still be able to see out of the windows but passengers and sensitive cargo will be less visible to passing motorists or those walking past your vehicle in a parking lot.

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Affordable and Durable:

Our car window shade is made from high-quality, breathable mesh fabric and is durable with affordably price. And our sun shade is also washable, reusable, making it a great investment for any car owner.


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