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2Pack Car Leather Seat Belt Cover Shoulder Pad Protector winne style


Do you encounter the following problems?
-The seat belt is too stiff and makes your shoulder uncomfortable.
-The rubbing of the seat belt make your skin itchy.
-The seat belt can pull on your knitted top, causing it to pilling or warp.
-The seat belt cannot be kept in place during driving.

Our seat belt shoulder cover solves the above problems for you, and provides you with more ways to use:
1. When you drive, our seat belt shoulder cover is stylish and beautiful.
2. When you travel, install it on luggage to reduce stress and make travel more comfortable.
3. When you work, install it on the seat handle, you will feel comfortable.

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Gives Comfort and Helps Relieve Friction!

This seat belt will comfortably support your head and neck.It is detachable, very easy to clean and it is suitable for all seat belts.After using our seat belt strap,your kid no longer complains of the seat belt hitting her/his neck,and the seat belt no more dug into your chest – A Must Have for All Car Owners for a More Comfortable Driving.

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Excellent Material:

Made of high quality fiber leather, waterproof and wear-resistant, solid and durable, long service life. Soft and smooth, effectively prevent rubbing or scratching with clothes. Universal for all seasons, easy to clean, when it gets dirty while in use, you can remove it and wipe it with water.






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Soft & Comfortable:

Our car seat belt cover is built-in thickened sponge, soft and breathable, providing you with a comfortable feeling. It can play a good cushioning role to prevent your neck and shoulders from being strangled during emergency braking, reduce the pressure and stay away from bondage.









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Easy to Install:

This car seat belt cover cushion has a long Velcro strap, you can quickly open and close it, installation is effortless. Just open the cover and fold it over the seat belt, close the Velcro and you are done. It is very firm and you don’t have to worry about falling off.








Product size



Universally Applicable:

The car seat belt cover measures 7 x 23 cm and is widely used in a variety of vehicles, such as cars, SUVs, trucks, vans and so on. In addition, it can also be used as a perfect pad for backpacks, laptops, suitcases, cameras, effectively relieving fatigue.













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Color Option:

Assafco offers a premium range of colors such as Coffee, Black Red, Black Blue , Brown and etc. Nowadays, most of the luxury car brands use these colors and customers also want something classy and premium in their cars









Cool and Stylish Design:

Smooth leather surface has a set of dense square lattice embossing, fine workmanship, the overall look is fashionable and classic. Multiple colors are available, don’t worry about it affecting the beauty of your car interior, it can be unobtrusive and become one with your car interior, and also show your cool and stylish personality and unique taste.



Great Gift:

There are 2 seat belt covers in the package to meet the shoulder protection needs of drivers and passengers. It is soft and makes wearing a seatbelt so much more comfortable. With this seatbelt cover you don’t have to keep adjusting and pulling the seatbelt down. You can send it as a gift to your friend, family and someone you care about.




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