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2 Pcs Rear View Mirror visor Side Mirror Rain Guard Carbon Fiber Mirror Rain Visor Smoke Guard Eyebrow Cover for Cars Truck SUV (black)


Are you still worried that the rearview mirror is full of water droplets on rainy days, affecting your vision?

The side mirror rain guard can easily block the rain when driving in rainy days, keep the rear-view mirror vision clear, and drive safer. Prevent strong light reflection and reduce dust adhesion on sunny days.

Protect your car rear view mirror and effectively prevent mirror scratches.

Size: 7.17x 2.28 inches/ 18.2*5.8cm

Easy installation: Just peel off the protective layer in the Mirror Protector Cover back, stick the Cover and press for 1 minute. At least 24 hours later, it can touch with the water.

Avoid Damage: No nails, no drilling ,no holes. You can stick it on the position of rearview mirror.

It sticks firmly and leaves no trace when removed.

Car rearview mirror waterproof Cover is an innovation that can solve the trouble of not being able to clearly see the rearview mirror on rainy, ensuring the safety of driving in rainy days.

Installation Steps:

1. Clean the rearview mirror and keep it dry before installation

2. Compare and determine the installation location

3. Tear off the adhesive, adjust the position and fix it

4. Press hard to make it stick firmly

Notice: Do not touch the water within 12 hours after installation. When the weather is cold, you can use a hair dryer to heat the 3M glue to increase the viscosit

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