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2-in-1 Cup Holder Expander Adapter with Rotating Adjustable Base


Product advantages:

-Compact in design, so it doesn’t take up much space.

-The upper cup holder can hold up to 4.4 pounds, and it can hold heavy drinks.

-There are carbon fiber and black styles for you to choose, both colors can harmoniously blend into the car interior, which is beautiful and upscale.

-The bottom of the expander is a non-slip pad design, which can provide cushioning. Even when driving on a bumpy road, it can firmly support the items on it and reduce rattles.


  • Item: Car Cup Holder Expander Adapter
  • Meterial: ABS
  • Product color: Carbon fiber black, Matte black
  • Diameter of the upper cup holder:2.9-6Inch
  • Applicable vehicle type: Universal
  • Storage items: Cups, drinks, Large Water Cups, bucket instant noodles, pens, etc

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Multifunctional car Cup Holder-360° Rotating Adjustable Base

Turn one of your cup holders into two cup holders, you can put two bottles of water, at the same time, if you have a large water cup or fried chicken and other food, you can also put it on the upper adjustable large cup holder. Very practical.

The upper part of our product has the function of stretching and shrinking,which can accommodate the stacking of larger objects and can berotated 360 degrees,and the over all structure of the lower part is relatively stable!

Elastic open-close cup mouth, The cup holder is suitable for most kinds of cups, thick, thin, and long


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PLEASE CHECK YOUR CAR CUP HOLDER SIZE: The diameter of the bottom of the cup is 2.56 inches/ 6.6 cm, the diameter of the coaster is 2.76 inches/ 7 cm, this additional cup holder extender is suitable for most models, you can fit your vehicle with the included EVA sponge.


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Adjustable Width : This cup holder expander for car fits cups of various sizes, the diameter of the upper cup is adjustable to fit cups with a diameter of 2.9″-5.9″. Mobile phones, tablets, drinks and other items can be placed to make full use of the interior space.




Dimension: The car cup holder size is 3.15 x 3.15 x 7.28 in/80 x 80 x 185mm. The non-slip silicone pad provides a powerful grip, the bracket is equipped with two storage cups by adjusting the rotatable base, for the purpose of saving car space.


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Stable and Noise Reducing : Four-corner design at the bottom, silicone buffer non-slip. The base is affixed with 16 cushioning sponge pads to alleviate the noise caused by collision, increase stability and keep cups and objects stable. Don’t worry about tipping or spilling while the vehicle is in motion.


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Easy to install : This Automotive Beverage Holder is easy to install by attaching the equipped shock-resistant sponge pad to the bottom side of the cup and then placing it in the cup slot. The shockproof cushion not only reduces vibration but also stabilizes the cup holder and reduces abnormal noise.

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